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Fresh ingredients prepared by your own personal chefs

Who We Are

Imagine coming home and the smell of delicious food is circulating through your kitchen – your personal chef has just left after dropping off your meals for the week. Experience the luxury of having your culinary needs taken care off by a professional.

We specialize in discreetly serving the Atlanta film and entertainment industry and can delivery on-set meals for vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, gluten free and paleo diets.

Our Services

Personal Chef​

Our goal is to simplify your life and give you back your time so you can do the things you truly want to do. We will take care of the meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking of different dishes and delivery that is all tailored to your preferences. 


You decide the day and time we will provide menu samples to choose from or design your own. We will prepare the food at our facilities and delivery to your home ahead of time. All you do is heat the food, serve your guests and enjoy your company.
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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. We aim to reply within 24 hours.
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